04 септември 2013

Приветствие от проф.Питър Дейвис и доц.Явор Иванов

Приветствие от проф.Питър Дейвис и доц.Явор Иванов към участниците в предстоящия конгрес на Европейския клон на Съюза за борба с туберкулозата и белодробни болести, предвиден за 11-14 юни 2014 в София. БДББ е съорганизатор на събитието.

7th Conference of the European section of the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.

Sofia Hotel Balkan, Sofia, Bulgaria, 11th-13th June 2014.

Dear colleagues and friends,

We are delighted to have the chance to welcome you to Sofia for the Conference of the Europe Region of the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.

The 7th conference is aptly titled “Respiratory Diseases in Europe – Finding Solutions.” Preceded by a half day of postgraduate courses the three  day conference will take place in mid-Summer when Sofia and Bulgaria are at their best. Topics on TB will cover important aspects of epidemiology, including migration and molecular surveillance, drug resistance of tuberculosis and its management and new drugs and diagnostic methods. COPD and smoking cessation are important subjects to Europe and will be covered in both the Postgraduate sessions and the Symposia. Also pediatrics and the nurses’ role in lung health will be central to the conference.

Strategically placed at the South Eastern tip of Europe Bulgaria has been a North, South as well as an East, West Bridge between Asia and Europe. It is no surprise that it is therefore rich in Historical sites set in stunning scenery. The Black Sea coastal resorts give some of the best value for money anywhere in the world.

Our beautiful country will offer you a unique mixture of the wisdom of an ancient nation, the charming nature’s presents – mountains, valleys, rivers, sea, the warmth and friendliness of Bulgarian people.

We have done our best to create ideal conditions for this congress in order to have the atmosphere of friendliness, fruitful scientific discussions and formation of new and useful contacts.

We all hope that you will be able to enjoy our hospitality and find time to travel and visit our sacred historic places and taste the wonderful gifts of this divine land.

We wish you unforgettable days during your stay in Bulgaria.

Prof Yavor Ivanov,

Chair of the Bulgarian Respiratory Society

Prof Peter Davies

President of the European section of The Union.